Cross Gun: Arc 4 – Afterword

Arc 4 Afterword

Cross Gun Arc 4 has finally come to a close.

It’s been a while. This is XCrossJ.

There’s a lot happening in this arc, what with Junichi’s exposure in the previous arc. The bout between Junichi and Gaston which was promised in the first arc has also finally been fulfilled. And the law has started getting involved in the dark-haired youth’s life.

The most important development of all, however, must be the emergence of the true heroine, as it were. The more perceptive of you may have noticed the clues littered throughout the series but, for the record, this is something I have been planning since the beginning of the series. Hopefully, I was able to do justice for this important reveal of the series.

In other news, I have an announcement to make. I will unfortunately not be releasing any more Cross Gun chapters for the foreseeable future. The reasons for this will be explained below, but just treat this as though I am going on a considerably long hiatus.

The reason behind this break (besides the fact that I have an increased amount of commitments to attend to in reality) is because I wish to revise this series from the ground up. Compared to when I first started, I believe that I have grown as a writer, and believe that I could deliver the Gun’s story in a more befitting manner.

For those who are interested in seeing this rebooted series (so to speak), I will post another update on this site once I have made sufficient progress on it. Please look forward to it.

And for all those who have stuck around up until now, thank you very much for your patronage and I hope you will also visit the new rebooted series as well.

From an Entity that does whatever he wishes in his spare time:


P.S: For those wondering, there is a little something special for the true heroine as well.

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