Cross Gun

Warning – This is not a pretty story.

This is the story of a young man that’s simply trying to protect what he loves.

This is the story of a young man that’s lost something he held dear.

This is the story of a young man that would do anything to prevent such a loss again.

This is the story of a young man that goes to any extremes to get what he wants.

This is a story. A story of Gun.



A boy with dark hair and a slender build.

Student by day and assassin by night.

The boy balances his peaceful life against his dangerous job, surrounded by an array of colourful characters.


A boy with dark hair and a slender build.

An entity of unknown origins and supernatural powers.

A being known as a Counterpart, alone and buried in solitude.

One day, the lives of these two individuals intersect.

And it is here where the story of Cross Gun begins.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story made up of fictional characters. The material that comes under the series of [Cross Gun] is meant to entertain by depicting a narrative. It is not meant to cause harm or offence.

Novel Information

Tags Action, Comedy, Drama, Gore(?), Harem(?), Martial Arts, Romance(?), Supernatural, Tragedy



(Note that these tags are arbitrarily made by me. If there are suggestions for other tags, feel free to comment and I shall add if I feel appropriate.)

Rating Mature
  (Please be aware that, if you are considered “under the age of influence”, you are solely responsible for viewing this material. I will not restrict access, but be aware that this material may contain various content that should only be viewed by those with sufficient maturity.)

Other Information

Author XCrossJ
  This is a Web Novel written by XCrossJ.



(Note: Very reluctant to call it “Fan Fiction”)

Author’s Comments This was something I wanted to write in my free time, inspired by stories that I’ve read in Japanese Light Novels. As opposed to many novels that I’ve read, I wanted to create an ‘off-beat’ yet slightly dark narrative that tries to be creative and sophisticated while retaining an intriguing and absorbing story line. I do not know whether this has lived up to such a goal, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.
Royal Road As a means of propelling my efforts to edit my previous chapters, I am slowly uploading the story to Royal Road as of Feb 5, 2017.



You can find the story here.

Chapter List:

Arc 1 – The Youth known as Saito Junichi

Full Arc 1 PDF

(provided by usernameialwayforgot on June 13 2016)

Prologue – 5 Years Ago

Chapter 1 – The Present

Chapter 2 – The Brother and the Sister

Chapter 3 – The Dark Haired Youth, Saito Junichi

Chapter 4 – Phoenix Gakuen

Chapter 5 – The Lion’s Roar

Chapter 6 – The Lion and the Prey

Chapter 7 – …big brother?

Chapter 8 – The Lion and the Dark Haired Youth

Chapter 9 – The Brother, the Sister, and the Childhood Friend

Interlude 1 – The Newbie?

Chapter 10 – What they would do…

Chapter 11 – Magic?

Chapter 12 – The Contract

Interlude 2 – I Don’t Want To Die

Chapter 13 – Myself and I

Chapter 14 – Wild Orange Diner

Interlude 3 – The Taste of Iron Sweat

Chapter 15: The Girl and the 〔Gun〕

Chapter 16 – Meanwhile

Chapter 17 – The Gathering in the Infirmary

Chapter 18 – The Soul

Chapter 19 – The Man in Black

Chapter 20 – To do what needs to be done

Chapter 21 – The Sister’s Turmoil

Chapter 22 – Kindness

Chapter 23 – The 【Establishment】

Chapter 24 – Answers(?)

Chapter 25 – His Choice

Chapter 26 – The Job

Chapter 27 – 『Kokoa』

Chapter 28 – Who is ‘he’?

Chapter 29 – The ‘Other’ Job

Chapter 30 – The Abduction

Chapter 31 – The Trap

Chapter 32 – The Preparation

Chapter 33 – The 『Hawk』

Chapter 34 – To Kill a 『Counterpart』

Interlude 4 – Assimilation

Chapter 35 – Rest and Respite

Interlude 5 – Cherry Boy

Chapter 36 – Bird Brain

Chapter 37 – Why Should I?

Interlude 6 – Reversal of the Reversal

Chapter 38 – Realization

Chapter 39 – Deceit

Chapter 40 – The Swap

Interlude 7 – Race, Lace, and Misplaced Affections

Chapter 41 – Infiltration

Chapter 42 – Contradictions

Chapter 43 – Test

Chapter 44 – Temporary Truce

Chapter 45 – Seriously(?)

Chapter 46 – The Difference Between the Two

Chapter 47 – Speed VS Endurance

Chapter 48 – Unresolved Resolution

Chapter 49 – When that time comes…


Arc 2 – Conflict of Interests

Chapter 50 – Stomach

Chapter 51 – Commotion

Chapter 52 – Apology

Chapter 53 – Decree

Chapter 54 – The Clock Tower

Chapter 55 – The Student Council

Chapter 56 – The Queen and the Last Ranker

Chapter 57 – Love comes in many forms…

Interlude 8 – Privacy and Purity

Chapter 58 – A Bad Day

Chapter 59 – Recurring Remorse

Chapter 60 – Separation

Chapter 61 – Habit

Chapter 62 – Threat

Chapter 63 – Incineration

Chapter 64 – Fuse

Chapter 65 – Disassociation

Chapter 66 – Ice-Cold

Interlude 9 – Exposure

Chapter 67 – Phone

Chapter 68 – Strange Behavior

Chapter 69 – 69 (among other things…)

Chapter 70 – & that’s how it happened

Chapter 71 – Two’s Company

Chapter 72 – Backgrounds and Motivations

Chapter 73 – Analysis of the Ashes

Chapter 74 – Bullied

Chapter 75 – The Haunting Past

Chapter 76 – The Signs of a Storm

Chapter 77 – The Meeting

Chapter 78 – Negotiations

Chapter 79 – Plans Set In Motion

Chapter 80 – The Hamster in the Cage

Chapter 81 – The Date

Chapter 82 – Picture Please

Chapter 83 – In a Single Frame

Interlude 10 – The Other Date

Chapter 84 – The Lull of Winter

Chapter 85 – The Scattered Autumn Leaves

Chapter 86 – The Fall of Summer

Interlude 11 – The Reaper’s 『Arming』

Chapter 87 – The Changing Spring

Chapter 88 – The New Addition

Chapter 89 – Do I Know You?

Chapter 90 – When it Rains, it Pours

Chapter 91 – Conflict of Interest

Chapter 92 – Conflict of Power

Chapter 93 – Conflict Clarification

Chapter 94 – Conflict Among the Conflicted

Chapter 95 – Conflict of Techniques

Chapter 96 – Conflict Intervention

Interlude 12 – Revision of Conflict

Chapter 97 – Conflict Realignment

Interlude 13 – Green, Red, and Something Out of the BLue

Chapter 98 – Conflicted Feelings

Chapter 99 – Conflict Conclusion


Arc 3 – Rebellion

Chapter 100 – Damsel in Distress, Damsel in Demise

Chapter 101 – An Unexpected Visitor

Interlude 14 – Scorched Frost

Chapter 102 – Tears of the Heart, Tears in the Heart

Chapter 103 – Summoning of the Summit

Chapter 104 – Rebellion

Interlude 15 – Miyazaki Sora

Chapter 105 – Faction Formation

Chapter 106 – Fractured Factions

Chapter 107 – Faction and Friendship

Chapter 108 – Faction Festivities

Interlude 16 – Gunpoint

Chapter 109 – The First Move

Chapter 110 – The First Encounter

Interlude 17 – The Lion and the Femme Fatale

Chapter 111 – Greater than a Lion

Chapter 112 – Manic Depression

Chapter 113 – Facing Forward

Chapter 114 – A Living Nightmare

Chapter 115 – Broken Soul, Broken Boundaries

Chapter 116 – Envy

Chapter 117 – Clumsy

Chapter 118 – First Finale

Chapter 119 – The First Exception

Chapter 120 – Behind the Scenes

Chapter 121 – A Tear Inside

Chapter 122 – Grey Existence

Chapter 123 – Blood Bonds

Chapter 124 – Starless

Interlude 18 – Stranger

Chapter 125 – Little Crow

Chapter 126 – A Clouded Sky

Chapter 127 – Disagreeable Man

Interlude 19 – The Last Condition

Chapter 128 – The Second Start

Interlude 20 – Shifting Shadows

Chapter 129 – The Different Sides of Saito Junichi

Chapter 130 – They’re All a Bunch of Weirdoes

Interlude 21 – Knucklehead

Chapter 131 – Repeat

Chapter 132 – The Delinquents

Chapter 133 – A Game of Smarts

Chapter 134 – A Shadow Of The Past

Chapter 135 – Settling the Score

Chapter 136 – The Second Clash

Chapter 137 – Black and Blue – When the Wind Changes

Chapter 138 – Black and Blue – When the Hurricane Rages

Chapter 139 – Loyalty and Devotion

Chapter 140 – Black and Blue – Gone with the Wind

Chapter 141 – An Upset

Chapter 142 – Final Round – The Start of the Hunt

Chapter 143 – Final Round – Without a Fight

Chapter 144 – A Change in Plan

Chapter 145 – After the War

Chapter 146 – Unfinished Business

Chapter 147 – Family

Chapter 148 – A New Ally

Chapter 149 – Minamoto Rin


Arc 4 – Crossed Paths

Chapter 150 – A New Day

Chapter 151 – After the Rebellion

Chapter 152 – Cocoa’s New Job

Chapter 153 – Cocoa Valentine, Hired!

Chapter 154 – From Zero to Hero

Chapter 155 – From Hero to Zero

Chapter 156 – Black and Blue – Clearing the Air

Chapter 157 – A Visit From the Law

Chapter 158 – Scarlet Ashes, 3 VS 1

Chapter 159 – The Secret Reveal

Chapter 160 – The Second Explanation

Chapter 161 – A Glimpse to the Past, Countermeasure for the Future

Interlude 22 – Notebook

Chapter 162 – New School Life – The 〚Rebel’s〛 Circumstance

Chapter 163 – New School Life – The 〚Lion’s〛 Circumstance

Chapter 164 – Training – Initiation

Chapter 165 – Hunting a Counterpart

Chapter 166 – Hunting a Mercenary

Interlude 23 – Pure-Hearted Policewoman

Chapter 167 – New School Life – The 〚Tactician’s〛 Circumstance

Chapter 168 – New School Life – The 〚Butler’s〛 Circumstance

Chapter 169 – [Negative Resonance]

Interlude 24 – Chloe

Chapter 170 – Training – Frontliner

Chapter 171 – Training – To be a Leader

Chapter 172 – Training – No Style

Chapter 173 – Training – Teamwork

Chapter 174 – Training – Reversal

Chapter 175 – New School Life – The 〚Wizard’s〛 Circumstance

Chapter 176 – A Doctor a Day

Chapter 177 – Falling Out

Chapter 178 – Fated Fight – Introduction

Chapter 179 – Fated Fight – Probing

Chapter 180 – Fated Fight – Face-Off

Chapter 181 – Fated Fight – Deception

Chapter 182 – Fated Fight – Ending

Chapter 183 – Fated Fight – The Aftermath

Chapter 184 – The Night No One Knows

Chapter 185 – The Night No One Knows Pt 2

Chapter 186 – New School Life – The 〚Grace’s〛 Circumstances

Chapter 187 – Abrupt Assault

Chapter 188 – A Desperate Struggle

Chapter 189 – Rescue

Interlude 25 – Taken Away

Chapter 190 – The Unlawful Law

Chapter 191 – Mistaken Identity

Chapter 192 – The Real Culprit

Chapter 193 – Black and Blue – Disclosure

Chapter 194 – Hunting a Partner

Chapter 195 – Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Chapter 196 – Reverse Trap

Chapter 197 – [Deathly Night Style]

Chapter 198 – Eye to Eye

Chapter 199 – Crossed Paths

37 thoughts on “Cross Gun

    1. …I’m really bad with labeling and tags, but I’ll try and give the ones I think are most appropriate. If any one has other tags to suggest, please feel free to reply…
      Action, Comedy(?), Drama, Harem(Kinda?), Martial Arts, Romance(?), Supernatural


  1. Great Story, I really like your writing style and the attitude of the mc. I’ve been reading it since ch 26. keep going, I’m really looking forward to the next chapter!


    1. Glad to see that you’re enjoying it so far. I intend to continue this for as long as I’m able to. If you like it, please continue to follow the story as I intend for Junichi to go through quite a bit…


  2. . . . You wrote this? #%*@ (*speachless swearing*). I really like your writing. As lame as that previous sentence sounds, I don’t have anything better. Nothing. Not a thing. I just. . .really like it. I thought that you were just translating this.

    I really loved the interlude Reversal of the Reversal. I love when chapters end climatically (which is a word surprisingly), and then go on to say how said climatic thing happened.

    The best writers are sadists. Your comment (above) made me sad for Jun. Though I am curious about the years leading up to [gun] and the next chapters to come 🙂

    Now this next part needs no justification on your part; if I were to compare it, it would be like people ranting about Hiro or any other character.
    I can’t believe that Mana doesn’t piece it together. I don’t know how much their rent is, and food, and electricity, but she doesn’t realize that doing an hour of normal work would never earn that much money. Just how naive is she?

    Now this comment is a tangled mess. I apologize, but unless you want full body paragraphs, I can’t do much better.

    Thank you for writing Cross Gun,


    1. I’m glad to see that you enjoy this so much. I don’t really know what to say, but…thank you for your patronage?
      That said, ‘Climatically’ is a word. However, it refers to the climate (AKA Weather). I believe that you are searching for the work ‘Climactically’ which is based on ‘Climax’.
      Also, I’m not quite sure how ‘sadists’ = ‘best writers’.
      In any case, I hope you’ll continue to read this as I slowly progress the story. Hopefully, it will live up to your expectations. (Hopefully… -_-)


  3. this is a good story…

    i hope you continue this one until the end…

    and can i request that you put previous and next link on each chapter???(honestly speaking it’s pretty annoying to go back to the table of contents after reading each chapter…)


    1. Thanks for the praise. I intend to keep writing this for as long as I am able to.
      With regards to your request, word press automatically places a link to the previous and next post below each post. As I haven’t posted anything besides Cross Gun in chronological order, using those to navigate should help.


  4. This is going to be the first “original work by a translator” that I will read… even though I’ve always been reluctant to try fan fictions (oh yeah, this is not one)

    Bu-but it’s certainly not because I liked how you translated your share of chapters in KnWM, okay?
    Don’t misunderstand… hmph!


    1. Whoa! I came to read this story for the exact same reason, I’ve always been reluctant to read “fan made” novels, but cross’s translations (and honest yet entertaining posts) makes this worth the try.


  5. …ok after reading up to the current chapter I have one question… Why do you have so many small plot twists? I keep reading and every other chapter you write will have a “Ha! You thought he was doing this but he was actually doing this!” Type of moment. Then you spend the next half a chapter explaining it. (At least that’s what it feels like) so I was curious about why. It has an interesting premise without M Night Shamalaning it after all.


    1. Not sure if this is a complaint or a point of praise but I’ll answer anyway.
      I don’t know whether or not this sort of thing is appealing but I always find those sort of contrasts, twists, and reveals quite enjoyable. As for my explanations, I feel that, if I don’t justify these twists in an appropriate manner, then people won’t understand the reasons behind why things happen.

      I like it, thus I do it (for better or for worse).


    1. Thanks for the effort man. Don’t worry about delays and all that. I’m a little busy with some things on my end as well so I’ll have to save the feedback for another day.


      1. I know you are busy but I just got to ask.

        Will chapter 107 release this week or it is for next week?

        Btw, I hope you are satisfy with the pdf since it’s my first time I made for other people.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Pdf’s reader be warn that there will not be “Charades – Paying what is owed” chapter since I cannot guess the password. It should be a simple password but I cannot guess them (although hint is given).


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