Cross Gun: Chapter 192 – The Real Culprit

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Chapter 192: The Real Culprit


Reality trembled, accompanied by a blast that echoed mercilessly through the once-enclosed space. Whether it be those who sided with the law or the secret operatives who opposed them, none were able to prepare themselves for the abrupt assault on the police base, especially considering how secluded and isolated the area itself was.

Yet, the truly unnerving aspect of this attack was not its suddenness, but the assailant itself. Having scorched a hole through the thick concrete walls, the anonymous attacker stood in the air, hovering in place as his limp frame released an ominous pressure onto the surroundings.

As a result, all eyes were drawn towards his person. His stature was thin and by no means short, though his height was at least a  head underneath most of the adults here. That being said, his figure, hair, and even skin seemed to be steeped in a thick obsidian shroud, making it impossible to discern who his identity was.

But of course, it was the parts of the assailant that wasn’t of that rich dark hue that betrayed his true identity: his piercing red left eye and glowing emerald right pupil.

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Cross Gun: Chapter 191 – Mistaken Identity

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Chapter 191: Mistaken Identity

「Haah? Who the hell are you?」

The interrogator snarled, disgruntled as his tone of voice made no attempts to conceal his disgust. Needless to say, he was rather resentful over having his wondrous moment of torment being disrupted once more, and so directed his ire at the intruders who, quite frankly, should not have been able to enter.

Were he in his normal state of mind, however, the owner of that brawny frame would have realised that he shouldn’t have lashed out so quickly. After all, seeing how the guards standing outside the interrogation chamber had strict instructions from his superiors not to let anyone pass, those who did enter had the necessary authority to overturn such commands.

And such individuals—including the platinum blonde woman and her bearded escort with a lean stature—were not people who the interrogator could afford to offend.

「Miyazaki Ken, General. You’d do well to remember that, boy.」

「Ngh! Sir!」

The moment that the lean man stated his name, the interrogator wasted no time as he instantly stood at attention. Upon realising the blunder he had made, the interrogator’s complexion paled severely, cold sweat pouring down his neck in the face of learning the true identity of the person before him.

The name Miyazaki Ken, to his knowledge, belonged to a military officer who had helped obtain success in countless operations and scrambles in his prime. Due to his outstanding performance spanning several years of long service, he had even been commended by several high-ranking officials, national and international alike. This recognition, along with his long history of accomplishment, made him an increasingly important asset to the country of Japan.

Simply put, he was an individual with a significant amount of influence.

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Cross Gun: Chapter 190 – The Unlawful Law

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Chapter 190: The Unlawful Law

「C’mon, you fucker! We know it’s you!」


A sharp sting echoed through the poorly ventilated room as Saito Junichi felt a burning sensation against his cheek. Yet, as he was used to pain, he was barely affected by the red ichor that spilt from his swollen lips as he turned his gaze upward to look at the one who had spurned him so.

Yet, even as he squinted his eyes, he had a hard time trying to make out the features of the individual before him. Not because of the lack of lighting in the room steeped in shadows, but because of its only light source shining directly into his retinas.

Needless to say, this blinding luminance caused the boy to avert his gaze from its origin, resulting in him sending a stalwart glare back at his assailant. Despite his front lacking any detail whatsoever, the shadows cast by his frame led Junichi to believe he was a bulky man, likely of the brawny musclehead category.

「Hou~ I don’t like that look in your eye, maggot!」


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Cross Gun: Interlude 25 – Taken Away

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Interlude 25: Taken Away

-This occurred approximately half an hour prior to Sora receiving Rin’s phone call-

「*yawn* Alright, so what do you want to talk about?」

An ever familiar yawn escaped the lips of one Saito Junichi, who was ruffling his dark hair as he lazily sank his weight into his back. Currently, he was at his apartment, relaxing as he sat on the window sill situated in his room.

He had more or less just returned from the 【Organisation】 after having seen all of the girls back to their respective homes. Of course, the only exception to this was Minamoto Rin, who was peculiarly adamant in wanting to discuss some personal matters. Thus, instead of taking her back home, Junichi had brought her into his apartment instead.

Naturally, seeing how they both lived in the same complex, he had technically walked her back home as well. Nevertheless, since he was tired, he decided that it would be best for him to relax while having a chat with Rin, and so chose to do so in his room.

Now, it was at this time when Masaru and Mana were being assaulted by a certain dark-haired [Counterpart] back at the school. And, needless to say, neither of the mercenaries in the room had even the slightest notion of said events transpiring. If they did, then they would be having a very different conversation right now.

Yet, as they were completely oblivious towards the crisis that Mana and Masaru currently faced, the two teenagers continued their business as they settled down in Junichi’s room.

–or at least, one of them did.

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Cross Gun: Chapter 185 – The Night No One Knows Pt 2

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Chapter 185: The Night No One Knows Pt 2


A deep breath of air escaped the brown-haired woman’s pursed lips, her slumped shoulders betraying her heavy heart. Her average, yet well-arranged features crinkled slightly, losing its normally refined edge as they buckled into a frown. Yet, even with her brow furrowed, the woman’s charms were by no means hindered by her foul mood.

「*sigh*……I can’t believe I let him escape…」

Sakamoto Maria sighed once more, her gaze downcast as she pondered deeply about her mishap. Needless to say, her current sombre mood was a result of her reflecting on the events which took place not too long ago.

Specifically, her close encounter with the shadow who was suspected to be the notorious mercenary of blood and iron, and how she had let him escape.

Having come upon the hooded figure of a red and green-eyed silhouette, Sakamoto Maria immediately held him at gunpoint, arresting him without a moment’s hesitation. Yet, unable to reign in her curiosity, she asked the man the remove his hood, revealing his face so that she could expose the true identity of the mercenary that had eluded the law for so long.

Yet, it was this naive desire to unmask him that was the root of her folly.

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Cross Gun: Interlude 23 – Pure-Hearted Policewoman

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Interlude 23: Pure-Hearted Policewoman

「Nngh! How careless of me!」


Gnashing her teeth in a mix of fury and chagrin, Sakamoto Maria massaged her corneas over her tightly shut eyelids. Her quick gasps of air echoed ceaselessly through the unflinching void, betraying her anxiety. Although the sky above was as dark as the ocean depths, traces of white still lingered in her vision, prompting Maria to shake her head in a bid to brush them away.

And with it, her sight had more or less recovered. Still, the woman could not find this cause for celebration.

A brief period of time had slipped through her fingers before reality returned to her. And, although this period was short, it was sufficient enough for her target to make his escape.

She so badly wanted to blame herself for her negligence, for it had cost her the mark that had eluded the law for such a long time. There was no telling how many lives her carelessness had cost, for every day that mercenary lived meant countless innocents would meet their end on the other side of his barrel. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 166 – Hunting a Mercenary

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Chapter 166: Hunting a Mercenary

Silence is golden.

An expression that conveys the importance of withholding speech. Of the need to preserve tranquillity, and the power of saying nothing.

Yet, there was a phrase more apt to describe the current circumstance that the two youths found themselves in.

Silence is king.

Like a monarch, the lull ruled all, reigning over the colourless expanse with indiscriminate tyranny. All manner of sound, regardless of character, bent the knee, paying all due respect as they ushered in an era of peace.

Yet, a dictator’s rule could by no means truly be at peace. For, underneath the serene surface, the ambience of the surrounds was suffocating. Discontent spread amongst the subdued denizens of sound, simmering on low heat as displeasure turned to resentment.

And then, in a vicious uprising, the revolution to overthrow this constrained rule was sparked by the following three words.


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Cross Gun: Chapter 157 – A Visit From The Law

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Chapter 157: A Visit From The Law

*ding* *dong*



Upon hearing the doorbell, the duo of black and blue turned towards the entrance in unison. Both of them wore expressions of intrigue as their focused lingered on the door, from which the initial tone’s echo had already dampened back into silence.

Of course, their curiosity was well-justified. After all, seeing how neither of the dark-haired siblings was expecting any visitors, the abrupt appearance of one made Sora and Junichi wonder just who was at the door.


「? Who could that be?」

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