Cross Gun: Chapter 177 – Falling Out

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Chapter 177: Falling Out

After Junichi had been briefed, Cocoa’s turn to be examined had come. As a part of the process involved the examinee to undress, however, the dark-haired youth deemed that it would be rather inappropriate for him to remain, lest he be accused of unsightly ogling at a 14-year-old.

Therefore, in order to avoid such a tragic fate, Junichi tactfully excused himself, giving his mercenary partner some privacy as he walked out of the room at the risk of leaving her at the 〚Witch Doctor’s〛 mercy.

Or, at the very least, that’s how the boy’s actions had been seen on the surface.

Now, the boy’s intent of sparing Cocoa the embarrassment of having him see her bare torso was unchanged. Yet, if that was all there was to it, then the youth would have simply just stood outside the infirmary door and waited for the dark-skinned hacker to finish her examination.

The very fact that he chose not to and instead walked a fair distance away from the examination room further reinforced the theory that there was another motive behind Junichi’s departure.

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Cross Gun: Chapter 176 – A Doctor a Day

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Chapter 176: A Doctor a Day

「*hic*……I…I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me…」

Managing to pull herself together after a few minutes passed, Cocoa Valentine withdrew herself from the dark-haired youth’s embrace as she used her sleeves to wipe away the tears from her face. And, while her eyes were red and a little sore from the rubbing, the girl with liquorice hair had more or less returned to normal.

Still, seeing how she had ashamedly buried her head in the man’s chest, Cocoa’s complexion quickly reddened as the knowledge of the damp patch in Junichi’s shirt being her doing compelled her to become quite restless. Despite having perceived her rosy cheeks and fidgeting fingers, however, the dark-haired youth chose not to comment on it, instead gently tapping Cocoa’s head a few times as he gave a reassuring smile.

「That’s alright. As long as you’re feeling better now.」


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Cross Gun: Chapter 175 – New School Life – The 〚Wizard’s〛 Circumstance

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Chapter 175: New School Life – The 〚Wizard’s〛 Circumstance

『Level 5 start.』

At the same time as the artificial voice spoke in a monotonous tone, a figure with dark hair kicked the floor, propelling themselves forward with a tremendous amount of momentum. The propulsion of their launch allowed the figure to cut through the air with little resistance as their hands instinctively reached to their hips, wrapping around a pair of lightweight pistols.

Upon doing so, the figure’s eyes gleamed, shining brightly as they swiftly scanned the perimeter in an instant. No matter where they looked, the sight of a person-shaped silhouette could be seen lurking in the shadows. Their appearances ranged from big to small, and old to young, but despite this, there was one thing they all had in common.

They were all designated as targets.

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Cross Gun: Chapter 174 – Training – Reversal

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Chapter 174: Training – Reversal

Now, some might consider Mayumi’s idea of detonating her smoke bombs in her area to be quite stupid. However, there were merits to her decision which could not be dismissed out of hand.

For instance, by shrouding herself and her teammates, Mayumi had effectively deterred the enemy from making an advance on their side. For, if they entered the perimeter of the smoke cloud carelessly, then they may be subjected to an unexpected ambush. Additionally, the lack of visibility through the sea of fog concealed the [Scarlet Ashes’ ] figures, allowing them to move as they pleased without being seen by the opposition.

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Cross Gun: Chapter 173 – Training – Teamwork

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Chapter 173: Training – Teamwork

「Baka Aniki! I heard what happened from Shiori the other day! Why aren’t you resting!?」

「Calm down, Mana. I’m fine now. Besides, we don’t have much time left.」


Saito Junichi spoke, smiling bitterly as he gazed upon his contrary little sister’s stern face. Despite the disgruntled expression that plagued her well-sculpted features, Mana’s concern for her dear brother was clearly conveyed to the youth. As such, all he could do was rest his hand on her head, patting it gently in an attempt to reassure her.



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Cross Gun: Chapter 172 – Training – No Style

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Chapter 172: Training – No Style

Two figures—one tall, one small—walked through the corridors of the dojo. The tall one was a man who possessed hair as dark as the night sky, his lean figure advancing with a lackadaisical swagger. The latter with the petite build was following behind the man, a wisp of navy-blue bobbing up and down as it trailed after her.

Despite the length of her legs being greatly dwarfed when compared to the man she was following, the petite girl–Rin–was surprisingly able to keep up with his larger gait, her footsteps neither hurried nor relaxed as she maintained the same distance between herself and Junichi’s back.

Even though there were a few steps between them, however, this unchanging distance wasn’t so far that they couldn’t hold a conversation. As such, after regaining her composure, Rin raised the following question, her eyes imbued with a mix of curiosity and impatience. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 171 – Training – To be a Leader

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Chapter 171: Training – To be a Leader

「U-um………Hitomi-san, is Saito-san going to be ok?」


A girl with scruffy orange hair asked hesitantly, her brow creased in concern as she restlessly turned to her side. There, her eyes laid upon her colleague, a girl who was similarly dressed in the crimson uniform of 【Phoenix Gakuen】: Hitomi Shiori.

The round glasses that covered her hazel eyes gave the brown-haired maiden an aura of intelligence, and the way she kept herself prim and proper only added to this atmosphere. Coupling this with the calm air surrounding her, the bespectacled bookworm appeared just as composed as usual.

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