Cross Gun: Chapter 162 – New School Life – The 〚Rebel’s〛 Circumstance

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Chapter 162: New School Life – The 〚Rebel’s〛 Circumstance




Upon seeing her dark-haired brother letting loose a large yawn, Miyazawa Mana instinctively chastised him, sending a sharp, reproachful gaze in his direction. Considering that Junichi’s behaviour was just as slovenly as usual, even in spite of the fact that he was now considered the new top dog of the high school division, it was no wonder that the jet black beauty frowned in disapproval.

But then again, it could not be helped. From the start, the youth wasn’t one to care about appearances much as he maintained his unkempt image. At the same time, he had been up until the wee hours of the morning due to his engagement with Roxanne, resulting in his current fatigued state.

The onlookers, Shiori, Cocoa, and Rin could only remain silent as they continued their commute to school. Shiori smiled bitterly, somewhat used to her best friend’s temper as well as Junichi’s aloof devil-may-care attitude. Cocoa, on the other hand, was flipping through her notebook, diligently preparing herself to tackle the unfamiliar school day. Continue reading


Cross Gun: Interlude 22 – Notebook

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Interlude 22: Notebook

-This event occurred in the evening, a few hours before Junichi’s meeting with Roxanne-


「Hey, Shiori. I need to talk with you for a bit.」


After having finished cleaning up the dishes that had been dirtied by the recently eaten dinner, Saito Junichi called out to his brown-haired childhood friend. The sun had already set and the curtains were closed, leaving only the artificial lighting to illuminate the living room.


「Y-Yes, Junichi-kun? What is it?」


Upon hearing the boy’s voice, Shiori raised her head, habitually placing a bookmark neatly on the current page of her novel as she gave him a curious glance. At the current time, the bespectacled maiden was relaxing on the sofa with Mana, reading a novel as she accompanied her best friend in watching a bit of television. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 161 – A Glimpse to the Past, Countermeasures for the Future

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Chapter 161: A Glimpse to the Past, Countermeasures for the Future

「So you’re Sight, huh?」


A girl of about 16 years spoke, looking down at the dark-haired infant with narrowed eyes. Her silver hair, despite appearing wild and unhinged, was well-maintained as it swayed down to her waist in a ponytail that was displaced slightly to one side.

Her long legs were contained within a pair of black skinny jeans that rose till just below her waist-line, accompanied with a purple crop top which daringly exposed her belly. To protect her from the cold, a dark green jacket was worn over her sleeveless top, while the fur lining of the coat contributed even more to her wild appearance.

Furthermore, the silver chains that dangled at her hips, along with the thin, white stick that jutted out from her lips were the perfect accents which completed the girl’s edgy, punk-esque look.

Even though the child was told so in advance, he completely couldn’t believe that this individual who perfectly fitted the description of delinquent was actually an officer that served in the military. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 160 – The Second Explanation

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Chapter 160: The Second Explanation

「You want to know……more about me?」


Junichi parroted back, somewhat at a loss. Obviously taken aback by his little sister’s undisguised desire to learn about him, the youth could only return a dumbfounded expression as his mind ground to a halt.


「Yes. Would that……be ok?」


The little sister asked, her eyes still clear despite the hesitation creeping back into her heart. Even though she felt guilty about forcing the matter in this way, Mana’s conviction was firm, as she truly wished to find out more about her older brother.

After all, despite knowing him for a few years, there was very little that she actually knew about him. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 159 – The Secret Reveal

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Chapter 159: The Secret Reveal

And there she stood. Waiting. Under the blooming sakura tree behind the school complex, the girl idled there for a long time, her gaze anxiously flickering around her surroundings. Her brown hair flowed behind her, neatly groomed as it seemed to glide gently on the wind.

Yet, the girl was too preoccupied with other matters to notice her billowing hair, tightly gripping a sheet of paper in her hand which trembled anxiously.


「Sorry to make you wait.」



Startled by the abrupt voice, the brown-haired girl turned, causing her hazelnut eyes to quiver as they caught sight of the voice’s owner. It was a boy slightly taller than her, with distinctly dark hair that reminded one of the inky, midnight skies. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 158 – Scarlet Ashes, 3 VS 1

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Chapter 158: Scarlet Ashes, 3 VS 1



A sharp sting cut through the brisk morning air, the sonic boom trailing just behind the projectile that hurtled through the atmosphere. The killing intent encompassed within the pellet twisted through the air, its intensity so thick that it resembled a snake, leaping with fangs agape at its prey.

Of course, the serpentine form was but an illusion, diligently crafted with wild, fanatical strokes by the brain’s fear response. That said, the three members of the [Scarlet Ashes] didn’t have time to dissect the reality before them as Shizuka Mayumi, Kurosawa Yoshino, and Minamoto Rin tumbled onto the ground in their frantic attempts to evade.




Despite being covered in dirt due to her ungraceful fall, the 〚Assassin〛 maintained an icy-cold calm. Summoning the powers of her counterpart, 《Tear》, Rin instantly conjured up several daggers of ice, which she then threw back at her assailant with one smooth motion. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 157 – A Visit From The Law

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Chapter 157: A Visit From The Law

*ding* *dong*



Upon hearing the doorbell, the duo of black and blue turned towards the entrance in unison. Both of them wore expressions of intrigue as their focused lingered on the door, from which the initial tone’s echo had already dampened back into silence.

Of course, their curiosity was well-justified. After all, seeing how neither of the dark-haired siblings was expecting any visitors, the abrupt appearance of one made Sora and Junichi wonder just who was at the door.


「? Who could that be?」

「Dunno. Let’s go take a look.」 Continue reading