Cross Gun: Chapter 155 – From Hero to Zero

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Chapter 155: From Hero to Zero

In order to foster competitiveness between students, as well as to reward the talented and punish the incompetent respectively, 【Phoenix Gakuen】 ranked its students based on the number of points they had.

Points were awarded to the students based on their study results, contributions to club activities, and a variety of other tasks that deserved merit. And, in the end, a student’s points would be accumulated and compared with against the rest of their cohort, determining their ranking.

However, due to the peculiar duel system that was implemented, students were capable of taking away points from one another. As such, the landscape was always shifting, changing as students rose and fell in the ranks.

Yet, all of a sudden, an entirely new element was added to the mix. Continue reading


Cross Gun: Chapter 154 – From Zero to Hero

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Chapter 154: From Zero to Hero

「Um, Jun-san?」

「Don’t worry. It’ll be alright.」


Seeing the nervous glance directed his way, Junichi unfolded his arms, slowly reaching towards the dark-skinned teacher before gently placing a hand on her liquorice hair. In response, the young hacker’s body shuddered before all the tension in her body was washed away by the pleasant sensation that fell upon her cranium.

Needless to say, Cocoa had every right to be feeling anxious. On top of being justifiably confused about her job, she was also deeply concerned about the youth’s current treatment in the school.

After all, she was the one responsible for exposing the youth’s capabilities (even if just a portion of them). Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 153 – Cocoa Valentine, Hired!

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Chapter 153: Cocoa Valentine, Hired!

Although not completely understanding the situation, Cocoa felt that ignoring the chief’s invitation was somewhat unwise at this junction, and so ended up following him all the way to his office.

Unknowingly, the grizzly boss also followed behind the two, his eyes grimly focused on Cocoa’s back as the overwhelming pressure caused the young girl to uncontrollably shiver.

And so, the three of them were now holed up in a meeting room, sitting at a desk in silence thanks to the soundproofing in the walls and ceiling. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 152 – Cocoa’s New Job

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Chapter 152: Cocoa’s New Job

「C-Cocoa-san!?! Assistant Teacher?!」


Unable to contain her bewilderment, Mana jumped out of her seat, exclaiming such as her eyes opened wide. Her vigorous movements caused both her desk and chair to rattle while her seat ended up falling to the floor behind her.

Needless to say, her reaction to this young girl’s appearance caused many of the students to turn their eyes towards Mana. Curiosity was evident in their gazes as they wondered whether their school idol was acquainted with this cute, dark-skinned individual.


「Eh, Miyazawa-san? You know her?」

「Huh? Y-Yes, I do. Rather, Aniki-」

「Alright, alright, settle down you lot. You sit back down as well, student council.」 Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 151 – After the Rebellion

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Chapter 151: After the Rebellion

「Geez. I was worried about you cause I heard you came down with something, but if you’ve got that harem with you every day, then I shouldn’t have bothered.」

「*sigh* For the last time, that’s not what this is. Rather, one of the girls you’re talking about is my own sister.」

「Step-sister, right? With all your doting, I doubt you’d treat her any lesser than the other girls.」

「*sigh* Forget it. I’m done arguing.」


Junichi sighed, walking alongside Sora on his way to school as he held his forehead in mild annoyance. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 150 – A New Day

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Chapter 150: A New Day

Night. The opposite of day.

The time when the sun sleeps—when the moon wakes.

The time when the city is bright with the bustle of nightlife and the stars gleefully come out to play.

The time now was unmistakably night.

The surroundings were plunged into a thick coat of inky darkness.

However, this night was different from most. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Arc 3 – Afterword

Arc 3 Afterword

And so, Cross Gun Arc 3 comes to a close.

How is everyone? This is XCrossJ

Hopefully, this arc has added a bit more action to the series.

Additionally, I hope that I’ve done a good job adding a bit more suspense to the story as a whole.

I apologise for the multiple delays that have occurred throughout this arc, but I’m currently in my final year of university, so I ask for your understanding with regards to my infrequent releases.


With that being said, thanks to all who have been following this work and I hope you’ll continue to read it in the future.

Again, impressions/improvements/suggestions/comments regarding the current or future state of the series are welcome, so please write something if you have the time.

As opposed to the previous arc, this one has a lot of focus on the action, as well as fleshing out and introducing a few characters. I know that there’s a large array of characters now, but I hope that some of them have piqued your interest.

That being said, I’ll be taking a bit of a break from releasing new chapters in an attempt to clean up the earlier chapters, as well as concentrate my dwindling releases on Rainbow Road.

When I come back, though, I’ll have another arc ready for you.


From an Entity that does whatever he wishes in his spare time:






???: Boring~ You’re just as boring as the last time!

XJ: Um…why do you keep barging into my afterwords?

???: Don’t mind the small talk! More importantly, why do you gotta keep being such a bore? You didn’t even write a fun chapter this time!

XJ: …it’s not like I have to write those every single time. Besides, how are you even talking to me?

???: Don’t sweat the details~ Anyway, since this is obviously uninteresting, let’s talk about something that is interesting.

XJ: …like?

???: Simple. Who’s Jun-kun gonna end up with?

XJ: Huh?

???: C’mon! Is it gonna be the intelligent Shiori-chan? The tsundere Rin-chan? What about Cocoa? Ooh, or maybe there’s a dark horse in the race! C’mon, viewers! Take your best shot at who’s the lucky gal, and you’ll win a prize!

XJ: Yeah…there’s no prizes here.

???: Aw, pooie. You spoil sport.

XJ: I’m a student. I don’t have that kind of money to give away prizes.

???: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Don’t dodge the question! Who’s it gonna be?!

XJ: Huh. I wonder.

???: Whaat!? You don’t know?!

XJ: Of course I do. The question is…


Do you?