Cross Gun: Chapter 133 – A Game of Smarts

Chapter 133: A Game of Smarts

「Well, there goes our tank.」


Having witnessed the duel between delinquents from atop a distant skyscraper, Junichi commented thus as he habitually rubbed the back of his head.

And, while his words seemed to suggest that he was disappointed with the result, what appeared on the boy’s face was a large, fearless grin.


(He’s gotten pretty strong.)


The voice reminiscent of his own reverberated through the youth’s head.

Yet, contrary to belief, it wasn’t Junichi who conjured up such admirable thoughts. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 132 – The Delinquents

Chapter 132: The Delinquents



「What the hell? Where are you aiming!」


Masaru growled, moving his body side to side like a boxer as he evaded attacks from the boy with orange hair.

Yet, despite the fact that Takumi had continued to throw his yo-yos around constantly, none of his attacks had ended up striking the blond-haired delinquent, causing him to scream in protest.


「Takumi! Are you not gonna take me seriously!? Even though I pounded you before!」


Taunting the 『Yakuza』 while gritting his teeth, Masaru began to throw his body forward, attempting to close the distance as he wildly approached for a full-body blow.

However, the moment he did so- Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 131 – Repeat

Chapter 131: Repeat

「—and of course everyone’s disappeared.」


With clouded eyes and a clouded smile, Miyazaki Sora spoke cloudy words as her visage grew as cloudy as the cloud-filled sky.

Although she tried her best to muster up the conviction to rally her teammates into uniting as a coordinated force, in the end, everyone went their separate ways before she could even try and bring them together.

Hence, the reason why the blue-haired athlete was now staring listlessly towards the sky covered with a haze of grey. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Interlude 21 – Knucklehead

Interlude 21: Knucklehead

「And that’s about it, you guys.」


Junichi stifled a yawn, his emerald eyes narrowed as they swept over the group of black, brown, blond, and blue.

Although he wasn’t entirely sure how his teammates would react to his proposal, the first one to speak was a surprising individual.


「Aniki………I don’t think that sort of simple plan is going to work.」


The little sister furrowed her brow, having fully comprehended her brother’s scheme yet still displaying dissatisfaction towards it. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 130 – They’re All a Bunch of Weirdoes

Chapter 130: They’re All a Bunch of Weirdoes


「Hm? What’s wrong, Shiori?」


The dark-haired youth flashed a brilliant smile towards his childhood friend, causing his face to sparkle with an unusual radiance.

However, seeing how this grin lacked purity compared to the previous gentleness that she witnessed earlier, Shiori couldn’t help but feel somewhat intimidated.


「N-No……it’s nothing, but……erm…are you ok?」

「Who me? I’m feeling quite refreshed, actually.」

「W-Well……i-if you say so…」 Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 129 – The Different Sides of Saito Junichi

Chapter 129: The Different Sides of Saito Junichi


「—and we’re back, huh?」


Saito Junichi muttered once more, his gaze sweeping across the scenery that was gradually being generated before him.

Although the previous battlefield was a giant forest that was abundant in nature, Junichi could not find even a speck of green within his current surroundings.

Instead, clusters of grey spires were sprinkled across the landscape, threatening to swallow the sky with their towering figures.

Underneath his feet, Junichi saw neither a grassy field nor a road of dirt, but a long stretch of black and white that expanded across the bounds of the battlefield.

Upon turning his head, metal boxes of various colours could be seen lined up neatly alongside a slightly elevated grey platform.

While it took him a while to get used to this scenery, it wasn’t exactly an unfamiliar setting.

Rather, perhaps one could say that this terrain perfectly suited the youth’s fighting style.

After all, the battlefield for the second round was not a Forest, but a City.

Home to modern teenagers, businessmen, and (of course) mercenaries.

And it was because of this setting that Junichi honestly couldn’t help but crack a wide grin. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Interlude 20 – Shifting Shadows

Interlude 20: Shifting Shadows

—moments before the start of the second round had been announced.





A lump of brown hair swayed, reacting to the calm words that cooly tickled his ears.

Needless to say, the man of brown who was currently munching on a lollipop stick whilst basking in the afterglow of his little exercise was one chalk-throwing, notoriously lazy teacher—Nogi Hajime.

However, the entity shrouded in shadows beside him was one whose identity could not be determined so easily.

–or at least, that was before they took a step forward. Continue reading