Cross Gun: Chapter 140 – Black and Blue – Gone with the Wind

Chapter 140: Black and Blue – Gone with the Wind

Miyazaki Sora was often thought to be an idiot.

Ok. So she was an idiot.

She wasn’t very smart, nor was she very good at academics.

She was quite careless, and sometimes had trouble thinking about the big picture.

However, just because she wasn’t book smart, didn’t mean she was unintelligent.

Rather, having to create her own training regimen to keep her body in tip-top condition, as well as formulating a diet that would allow her to bring out the best in herself, she could be considered quite the capable individual.

Now, while this didn’t eliminate the fact that she practically fails almost every academic test that she’s forced to participate in, this hidden intelligence influenced other things about the athlete’s personality. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 139 – Loyalty and Devotion

Chapter 139: Loyalty and Devotion

-Shortly after the duo of black and blue had separated from the group of survivors-


「……Ojou-sama. It would appear that Sora-sama and Saito-sama have left.」


Kinoshita Arata calmly spoke thus, relaying his astute observations to his mistress of honey blond.

Yet, contrasting his peaceful atmosphere, as usual, the pompous, bratty queen grew agitated, biting her fingernails as she threw another one of her mini-tantrums. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 138 – Black and Blue – When the Hurricane Rages

Chapter 138: Black and Blue – When the Hurricane Rages

Miyazaki Sora.

A sporty teenager with light blue hair who was No. 3 in the school’s ranking system.

The girl dubbed as the 『Hurricane』, and an object of admiration for all.

Boasting a personality as bright as the clear blue sky, this young woman was expected to become a star olympian upon graduation, especially by her peers and rivals who were overwhelmingly impressed by her athletic prowess.

However, although many held positive thoughts towards the young girl, there was no doubt that a certain subsection of the student body shared a certain sentiment.

The sentiment that Sora was a true freak of nature. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 137 – Black and Blue – When the Wind Changes

Chapter 137: Black and Blue – When the Wind Changes

「Hehe~ How do I look, Saito-kun?」


A chipper voice resounded through the city of grey, prompting Saito Junichi to crane his neck whilst looking over his shoulder.

A young girl with a toned figure entered his eyes, her skin tanned ever so slightly by the countless of hours she undoubtedly spent basking in the sun. With a set of pearly whites, crystalline blue hair and cheeky grey eyes, it needn’t be said that Miyazaki Sora was looking as lively and energetic as ever.

With that being said, however, it was clear that something was different about her. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 136 – The Second Clash

Chapter 136: The Second Clash

「*whistle* They’ve gotten some nice duds, there.」


Miyazaki Sora chirped, her grey eyes peering into the distance as they laid upon an eye-catching duo strolling through the concrete wonderland.

One held a profound beauty as her red and white dress succinctly accentuated the already prevalent charms of the jet-black maiden’s frame.

The other possessed an intricate costume of leather, the brown attire complementing the woman’s appeal as her braided hair was infused with a wondrous sense of the fantastical.

Needless to say, these two individuals were none other than Miyazawa Mana and Hitomi Shiori, two members of the Student Council whom Sora was quite close to. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 135 – Settling the Score

Chapter 135: Settling the Score

「*phew* T-That was……rough.」


A lone girl with quaking limbs flourished her long brown hair, damp with sweat as the clingy strands collectively formed together into a clumpy mess.

Yet, not caring for her unsightly appearance, the girl tumbled onto the floor; her fatigued limbs spread wide open as she spread herself on the concrete in exhaustion.

And, while the sweat that flowed from her brow seemed all too real, the girl—Hitomi Shiori did not dare to forget that she was in a simulated space, quickly making sure that no unseemly parts of her were revealed to the spectators as she staggered back onto her virtual feet. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 134 – A Shadow Of The Past

Chapter 134: A Shadow Of The Past

And so, in the span of about an hour after the second round started, it was confirmed that 3 players (Isayama Masaru, Honda Takumi, and Hashimoto Kiyoshi) had gracefully exited the virtual stage.

That said, whilst the number of the eliminated wasn’t drastically different from the previous round, there was a clear difference in the atmosphere surrounding the spectators, most of them on the edge of their seats as their hearts pounded viciously from the exposure to the thrilling developments.


「And would you look at that!! Isn’t this round exciting, Airin?!」


Noticing the increased hype that seeped its way into the spirits of the audience, Lucy raised a bombastic cry, matching the cheers that echoed across the campus.

And naturally, in response to this rise in her partner’s tension- Continue reading