Cross Gun: Interlude 24 – Chloe

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Interlude 24: Chloe

「So you visited him?」


A dishevelled man with scraggly brown hair murmured, his palm rubbing his neck in a gentle, yet firm massage. Gossiping students enjoying their lunch break surrounded him in the courtyard, but none were at his side, making it seem as though he was talking to himself.

At least, until the presence of a mysterious, cool beauty was made known behind him, her unhesitating stride stopping only after she took a seat next to the infamous Nogi-sensei.


「Yes, Master.」


The woman—Chloe—nodded, bringing her hand to her ear as she swept away her luscious, raven locks. Her charming appearance caused many of the students’ eyes to turn her way, regardless of gender, as they grew curious as to this unfamiliar beauty’s identity. Continue reading


Cross Gun: Chapter 169 – [Negative Resonance]

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Chapter 169: [Negative Resonance]

「*sigh*……great. Now my shirt’s all wet.」


The dark-haired youth muttered, rapping his fingers against the cloth on his chest as he confirmed its damp texture. The material was not inherently moist but had been rendered so by the tears of one Miura Kaede.

Thankfully, her sobs did not last too long, as the girl tore herself away in embarrassment. Yet, as Arata escorted her back to her on-campus suite, Junichi caught Kaede sending several furtive glances his way, along with a plain look of gratitude coming from the (relatively more) composed 〚Butler〛.

And so, after sending them off, Junichi habitually scratched his head before making his own way back to his room and resuming his nap.

–or at least he would have, had he not another matter to deal with. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 168 – New School Life – The 〚Butler’s〛 Circumstance

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Chapter 168: New School Life – The 〚Butler’s〛 Circumstance

Kinoshita Arata was a troubled man.

As a servant of the Miura family, he dutifully served his mistress, Miura Kaede, well. He had shown remarkable prowess in seeing to her every need and was highly trusted by the maiden in question.

Yet, things changed a week ago. When a certain dark-haired youth turned the entire school on its head.

Saito Junichi’s rebellion had devastated the defending team, whose acting leader was none other than his very own mistress. Needless to say, the defeat had delivered a huge blow to the 〚Queen’s〛 psyche, and Arata had failed her by being unable to prevent her loss.

—no. He had failed because he was unable to prevent this situation from playing out to begin with. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 167 – New School Life – The 〚Tactician’s〛 Circumstance

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Chapter 167: New School Life – The 〚Tactician’s〛 Circumstance

「–n’ so, by applying this formula, you’ll find the impulse of a collision.」


The shaggy, brown-haired teacher muttered at the front of the class, his lack of work ethic conveyed through his lazy speech. Funnily enough, Nogi Hajime’s voice carried quite well through the classroom, despite his slack attitude.

The strokes of his chalk were nonchalant yet well-proportioned. The symbols he wrote on the board were clear and distinct, able to be seen by students anywhere within the classroom as it delivered its message with a reliable degree of certainty.

Yet, at the current time, one of the students attending this class was not paying attention to the lecture in the slightest, for her mind was burdened with a far heavier matter. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Interlude 23 – Pure-Hearted Policewoman

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Interlude 23: Pure-Hearted Policewoman

「Nngh! How careless of me!」


Gnashing her teeth in a mix of fury and chagrin, Sakamoto Maria massaged her corneas over her tightly shut eyelids. Her quick gasps of air echoed ceaselessly through the unflinching void, betraying her anxiety. Although the sky above was as dark as the ocean depths, traces of white still lingered in her vision, prompting Maria to shake her head in a bid to brush them away.

And with it, her sight had more or less recovered. Still, the woman could not find this cause for celebration.

A brief period of time had slipped through her fingers before reality returned to her. And, although this period was short, it was sufficient enough for her target to make his escape.

She so badly wanted to blame herself for her negligence, for it had cost her the mark that had eluded the law for such a long time. There was no telling how many lives her carelessness had cost, for every day that mercenary lived meant countless innocents would meet their end on the other side of his barrel. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 166 – Hunting a Mercenary

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Chapter 166: Hunting a Mercenary

Silence is golden.

An expression that conveys the importance of withholding speech. Of the need to preserve tranquillity, and the power of saying nothing.

Yet, there was a phrase more apt to describe the current circumstance that the two youths found themselves in.

Silence is king.

Like a monarch, the lull ruled all, reigning over the colourless expanse with indiscriminate tyranny. All manner of sound, regardless of character, bent the knee, paying all due respect as they ushered in an era of peace.

Yet, a dictator’s rule could by no means truly be at peace. For, underneath the serene surface, the ambience of the surrounds was suffocating. Discontent spread amongst the subdued denizens of sound, simmering on low heat as displeasure turned to resentment.

And then, in a vicious uprising, the revolution to overthrow this constrained rule was sparked by the following three words.


「……are you gay?」 Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 165 – Hunting a Counterpart

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Chapter 165: Hunting a Counterpart

「*pant* *pant*」


Breathing, rough and ragged, echoed sharply in the midst of colourless night. The usual hustle of the cityscape was gone, an eerie, grey lull in its stead. The moon was already high in the sky, its subtle glimmer making a gradual descent back towards the earth.

At this time, it was no wonder that the city was devoid of life. Midnight had come and gone, and most were already tucked away within the comforts of their homes.

Yet, even in the midst of this chilly night, not everyone was burrowed away for their daily dose of dreams. The one whose rapid heaving filled the surroundings was one of these exceptions.

The owner of this fervent wheezing was a child. With their small frame, of which one could not distinguish its gender, the child could not be any older than 5. Dark, scraggly hair was draped over its shoulders, further adding to the figure’s androgynous character. Continue reading