Cross Gun: Chapter 146 – Unfinished Business

Chapter 146: Unfinished Business

Cocoa……what the hell is going on?



Upon hearing the ghastly frigid voice of the dark-haired youth trembling violently through the midnight breeze, Cocoa involuntarily flinched, her core temperature plummeting as she broke out into a cold sweat.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that the girl of liquorice had witnessed Junichi’s darker persona. Rather, whenever she acted as 『Gun’s』 support, she was quite used to seeing the chilling bloodthirst that often flared with each bullet he fired.

However, it was a first for her to directly receive such a dense and malicious aura from the youth whom she adored so much. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 145 – After the War

Chapter 145: After the War

A brief summary of what occurred afterwards.

As the faction war concluded, the members of both factions were gathered in the student council room so as to settle the remaining matters. Of course, Rin was absent due to the fact that she was required to undertake a physical examination by Shizuka Manami.

Some members of the opposing faction looked at Junichi strangely: in particular, the master-servant duo felt their faces pale upon seeing the youth’s iron hair swaying across his pupils.

For the most part, however, things were relatively peaceful.

There was some preamble about thanking both sides for their performance, and some other stuff about the school’s reputation having increased, but seeing how it was mostly formalities, Junichi basically didn’t listen.

When it came down to the matter of rewards, however, the youth was strangely proactive. Continue reading

Cross Gun – Chapter 144 – A Change in Plan

Chapter 144: A Change in Plan

Now, one might think that Saito Junichi’s reason for starting this rebellion is because he wanted to take the number one spot all for himself.

However, for those who truly knew the dark-haired youth, this claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

After all, if he really wanted to be No. 1 at 【Phoenix Gakuen】, he didn’t even need to rely on this high-risk faction war to obtain the points necessary to become the top dog—err, phoenix. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 143 – Final Round – Without a Fight

Chapter 143: Final Round – Without a Fight

Saito Junichi is not a fighter.

Of course, that’s not to say he can’t fight. Rather, for several years, the youth trained quite extensively in the art of combat so as to be able to handle himself should a situation ever arise.

And, while he wasn’t exactly as gifted as others who were blessed with talents such as monstrous strength, one could definitely say that he possessed enough skill to tango with the best of them.

Nevertheless, even though he possesses a modicum of proficiency in the field of brawling, that is not where his true skills lie.

Or rather, the skills of the mercenary 『Gun』 could never be described by something as shallow as being good at punch outs.

No. His profession is clearly geared towards a different facet of strength. A unique skill set that only someone of his occupation could ever produce. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 142 – Final Round – The Start of the Hunt

Chapter 142: Final Round – The Start of the Hunt

「Round 3! Start!」


Without a moment to spare, the beginning of the third and final round of the faction war was declared.

As each faction had one win under their belts, there was undoubtedly a peculiar tension rising amongst the entire school.

Whether it be the students, staff, sponsors, visitors, or the competitors themselves; all of them had been infected by this sensation which clung insidiously onto the surrounding atmosphere.

Of course, no one could explain exactly what had shrouded the campus of the prestigious 【Phoenix Gakuen】.

Yet, it was abundantly clear that this next match was one that requires one’s undivided attention.

And so, with an enthusiastic roar from the crowd, the final round began. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 141 – An Upset

Chapter 141: An Upset

As Miura Kaede was rejoicing over her victory, she, Kinoshita Arata, and Miyazawa Mana had completely neglected another variable in this war.

A variable that Saito Junichi and Hitomi Shiori dared not to forget whilst laying out their plans.

A single girl of navy blue, her hair bundled into a ponytail that was noticeably absent throughout a majority of the Faction War.

Now, it wasn’t important about where she was or what she’d been doing as her allies were engaged in their conflicts against formidable enemies.

What was important was that, thanks to her absence, no one was wary of where she was or what she was doing. Continue reading

Cross Gun: Chapter 140 – Black and Blue – Gone with the Wind

Chapter 140: Black and Blue – Gone with the Wind

Miyazaki Sora was often thought to be an idiot.

Ok. So she was an idiot.

She wasn’t very smart, nor was she very good at academics.

She was quite careless, and sometimes had trouble thinking about the big picture.

However, just because she wasn’t book smart, didn’t mean she was unintelligent.

Rather, having to create her own training regimen to keep her body in tip-top condition, as well as formulating a diet that would allow her to bring out the best in herself, she could be considered quite the capable individual.

Now, while this didn’t eliminate the fact that she practically fails almost every academic test that she’s forced to participate in, this hidden intelligence influenced other things about the athlete’s personality. Continue reading